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5 Social Media Marketing Myths You Should Understand [Author: David Murdico]

Social media is so much more than just a checklist! The sooner we realize the powerful affect social media can have on our business, the sooner we will start to see results.

Although this blog is dedicated to the personal use of social media, many of you are small business owners and have contacted me regarding how to use social media for your business.  Below is a post by author David Murdico that I believe may be helpful to you.  


Kristi Marc

Lots of time, effort and resources are being wasted by businesses, brands and organizations that lack a clear understanding of social media marketing. Too often, in my agency’s experience, we’re seeing social media being treated as a list of boxes to be checked off rather than a powerful way of building awareness, communicating with consumers and ultimately selling more stuff! The sooner we stop believing these five myths the better:

1. Social media marketing is about building relationships with consumers

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[Author: David Murdico]