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Why Talking Will Always Beat Shouting in Social Media [Author: Scott Monty]

If you think that social media marketing can be approached in the same way as traditional marketing then you’re in for a rude awakening.  Social media is not about shoving your product or service down the throats of consumers, it’s about productively engaging with them and ultimately building a trustworthy relationship 

Although this blog is dedicated to the personal use of social media, many of you are small business owners and have contacted me regarding how to use social media for your business.  Below is a post by author Scott Monty that I believe may be helpful to you.  Clink of the link below for the full article.


Kristi Marc

There’s been a lot of debate on the value of social media. After all, it’s easy to argue about the potential of social media as a powerful sales channel. The ability to communicate with so many people instantly is like catnip to marketers and business owners alike—driving a gold rush that has spawned innumerable “social media experts.”

Despite this excitement, there remains much controversy about the proper way to sell within the social landscape. Even the gatekeepers themselves (the major social networks), struggle to properly monetize their communities. So the debate of social media’s efficacy wages on.

Initial excitement is often followed by frustrated divestment, leading to false conclusions about the potential for marketing in the social sphere. These initial assessments are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of social audiences. False conclusions about the value of social media are not telling of social media’s true potential, but illustrate instead how ineffective it can be to apply traditional marketing initiatives within non-traditional environments.

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[Author: Scott Monty]